How to Convert Painting Leads Into Painting Jobs

So you did some marketing for your painting business, got the phone of yours to band, went on several visits though none of your prospects are actually calling back. You are likely thinking your estimates are way too high. Perhaps, but a lot more likely you only need a little direction on how you can promote a paint job.

Doing estimates isn’t simply about giving out proposals with rates. You’re in business as and now much as you might not love it, you’re a salesperson. For your painting business to achieve success it is a thing you cannot ignore.

Selling paint jobs does not need to be a drag. It is usually enjoyable as soon as you perfect a couple of abilities. You simply need a little guidance and direction from a painting contractor that is has been running a business for nearly twenty years. That is me and I am here to assist you.

Lets get started,.

See the instance below.

Attribute – Premium Paint

Pitch A

Pitch B

“We never make use of junk paint. Why? The couple of dollars I will save is not worth passing up on the quality of the work of ours. I invest the funds to do the job correctly. I would like you to be pleased so you are going to tell your family and friends about me when were accomplished. The product we will be utilizing is actually known as Duration which is actually SW’s high-end paint and it isn’t cheap”. – A lot more convincing

Now take a bit of time practicing them at home. It’ll also seem a lot more organic than in case you tried to place all of your pitches together as a ten second speech.

An excellent Salesperson is one which Listens

Nothing turns off a possibility over a pushy salesperson attempting to market them anything they did not ask for. Be sure your just giving them a cost for whatever they requested for. It is easier to up sell a possibility once your hired.